Map of lea

Map of the area. Apologies for the numbers!

Welcome to the Patches page. Here you can find basic information on birding sites within the area. Click on the links to explore the site more.

1) Amwell Gravel Pits WT

(official website)

2) Rye Meads RSPB V

(official website)

3) Fishers Green and Holyfield Lake V*

(official website)

4) Bowyers Water

5) Gunpowder Park, Swanscombe Marsh

(official website)

6) William Girling Resevoir

7) Walthamstow Resevoirs The gatehouse is just before the eastern resevoir boundary in Tottenham Hale on ferry land-the A503. Entry is £1 per person.

8) Waterworks Nature Reserve and Middlesex Filterbeds V*

9) East India Dock and Bow Creek Nature Park

10) Bow creeks

11)Royal Docks and Thames Barrier Park (café)

12) Gallions Reach, East Ham nature Reserve and River Roding South. V

13) Dagenham Starling Roost, Barking Bay and Dagenham Breach

14) Rainham Marshes RSPB V*

15) Rainham/Lakeside GPs and Chafford Gorges Nature Park EWT (ajacent shopping centre)

16) Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury

17) Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, including Standford Warren and Mucking Flats (contructing V*)

18) West Canvey and Pitsea Complex, including Wat Tyler CP, Vange Marshes RSPB, Vange Wick RSPB, West Canvey Marsh RSPB, West Canvey Jungle, Bowers Marsh RSPB and Fobbing Marsh EWT V*,V*

19) Hadley downs and EWT woodland complex (café)

20) Two tree Island and Canvey Point

21) Southend Seafront and Pier, and Shoebury East Beach (seafront cafés)

22) Wakering Stairs

sites marsked with a V have a visitors centre, *large

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